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  • Thoughts on VB5?

    My sites are still on VB 3 and was looking to convert them to XF, but there is no decent photo gallery solution. IPB is starting to look good as they have a photo gallery and was thinking of converting one of my forums. VB5 sounds interesting, especially with the MVC they have implemented and giving the hacking community early access to VB 5. Im in no rush to convert my sites so I will wait and see if VB 5 delivers and then buy a license. I wont be doing a presale purchase again!

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    As it looks now, I do not see vb5 as a viable option. Maybe in a few years. But the code quality is very worrisome.
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      I have no interest in VB 5 and I am in the process of converting to IPB.


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        Same deal here. The VB 5 licensing and privacy policy was enough to nix it indefinitely and I've set up a couple of sites with IPB to make the transition easier. I'm incredibly impressed by how mature the software is and will make the move with the next version that's coming out imminently.
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          I find VB 3.8 a lot more mature than IPB in some areas like moderating and option granularity. I like the IPB concept of super mods, but I need to find a way to prevent super mods from physically deleting posts. Like some other settings in IPB, looks like im going to have to hack code to get the functionality that I need.


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