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    I have a 4.x license but I still use 3.8 and do not intend to upgrade any time soon.


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        I also wanted to let you know that there are database errors all over the place on the site. I joined, tried to configure my profile - or post in introductions, but get database error each time I try anything.

        I signed in as "thevillage"
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          I was a moderator but after attempting to contact the admin for weeks unsuccessfully I stopped going. It was getting slammed with spam because no one changed it to Q&A instead of the cracked catpha verification. Hundreds of spams a day and as a mod I couldn't do anything to prevent it. I posted a sticky saying if anyone ever comes back they could contact me and I'd be happy to continue if I'm given the access needed to fight spam and such rather than simply soft deleting it. It's been weeks, maybe months, haven't heard anything.

          Pretty sure the project is dead... Without a "final" 3.8.x released there was no point to develop anything... then XenForo came along and charmed half of the people away.

          Unfortunate but not unexpected.


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            I sent Eriksrocks a PM.

            The project is not dead yet, VB 3 is still being supported by IB


            VB 3.8 Forever

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            A group for people who wish to continue using VB 3.8 once it becomes EOL. Discuss options for future support, bug and security fixes.
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