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So are Groups better now than in vB4?

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  • So are Groups better now than in vB4?

    Like many of you, I've always seen great potential in the Groups area, but it never seemed finished enough to make them really work. They were hard to find, you had to manually check them since they did not send out any notifications. Perhaps the worst thing about them was that they were not organized, so finding one you liked was difficult at best.

    There were some mods over at .org that could make them functional at least, but nothing that really make Groups worth using. Has anything changed in vB5??

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    Well Group Posts show up under "Today's Posts" - that's how I found this post. They are pretty much identical to forums in VB5.


    • jdj
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      If groups are pretty much identical to forums, in order to understand how to use them, how do they differ from forums?

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    That's an improvement. I assume that them showing in Today's Posts is a permission based things. So if this was private group, only members of it would see it there?

    And I see I got a notification that your replied as well... another step in the right direction.


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      Correct, it should be permissions based.


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        Thanks for all the help and info Joe. I just played with adding a Group Icon, but it does not appear that it can be changed once you select one??


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          Okay, I just found that you have to edit the Icon on the main group page, not in the group admin edit area. That makes it quick to edit it, but not very intuitive based on how other things are done.


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            Wow, I just got the email notification today about the reply you made on the first.


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              So, for some reason, none of my Groups are showing up unless someone is logged in. Each of the groups are setup as viewable by Everyone. I have looked in Channel Permissions and all of the groups show that Users Not Logged In should be able to View Topics. Not sure where to go from here.


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                Originally posted by Joe D. View Post
                Group [s]...... They are pretty much identical to forums in VB5.
                How do groups differ from forums?


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                  Originally posted by jdj View Post

                  How do groups differ from forums?
                  Well, when I was on vb4, I used to rename groups as 'member forums' and had people apply for their own little corner of the website where they were king (or queen).
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