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  • Thinking of leaving NuHit users

    I'm seriously thinking about leaving the group in a weeks time, there only 4 to 5 people that are discussion option the starter of this group has not talked for ages here. If you want to do a remake of this addon you need around 2000 dollar thats 40 people paying 50 dollar under 33 people its cheaper to buy another wiki that support import of NuWiki. Then you need some one that will guide the new addon in the right direction and communicate with the developers setup website to earn some money back etc etc. At the moment how its going now this addon is dead and will never be revived.

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    I much doubt that money paid to a developer(s) will be earned back. I think its a case of getting a rewrite coded by those who are interested.
    The current status of vbulletin, its CMS / content types and IBs radio silence on the matter blocks any development. Read this thread:
    AFAIK there is no one who has ever create a CMS content type before. (asides the standard article one) From Edwins blog it seems that the CMS is not ready to completely handle additional content types yet and the CMS is going trough some adjustments. Patching NuWiki to work in vb4's forum doesn't make sense to me at all, as the whole forum will be recoded to become a CMS content type. It's unclear whether this will happen in vb 4.1 or a later version.

    So until we know more about where vb is heading or see a release that has a finished CMS, we cant do much.
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      Hi, New to the group. What is the continued interest in this?
      I would really like to have this working. PM me anyone that has
      the NuHit product. Thanks.
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      This group is dedicated to NuHit users that want to stay in touch with their products if anything goes wrong with NuHit site.
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