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  • What do you need to support a addon

    What do you need to support a addon as big as NuWiki.

    1. Money
    2. A programmer
    3. Alpha/Beta testing team (consists of paying members, that hired the programmers)
    4. Website
    5. Support staff
    6. Dedicated person(s) that can solve minor issues
    7. Idea how to sell it and make sure you have subscription income

    Trow in the rest i forgot

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    I think you need multiple developer, to assure that support is ongoing, even if one dev becomes unavailable. These devs can provide support as well.
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      Yes number 2 should be programmers you need one or 2 of them.

      8. Manual installation and manual what it can and can't do.

      I forgot number 0

      0. Copyright NuWiki / NuHit you need to bypass it so that takes time to.

      If you read by that short list its lots of work and this covers begin to end but even number 1 is going to multiple things you need to think off.


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        I think there is a big difference between getting a NuWiki rewrite coded and releasing it as a commercial product. The latter seems what you are describing here. Im not interesting in that. I just want my NuWiki to work in vb4 and have full fledged functionality. I dont need the headache of dealing with customers and selling a product.
        I buy 420 forums


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