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    Hmm I say to act and not wait for any update from nuhit as it's clearly that he can't spend any further time updating his products. Either way, I wish him all the best.

    So what I'm suggesting is to begin a project where we can track any bug of nuwiki and nuratings specially for use with vb 3.7. After finalize the list I can try to hire a coder through rac or any other similar site to have them fixed.


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      Just purchased wbwiki pro. It doesn't work. Trying to fix it.


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        Never post a metoo! ... but I do

        I am using vbwiki pro and shows no problems at all.
        best regards

        Anne Liebler ist die Hobbyschneiderin


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          So far I have NuWiki running fine on 3.7.0 gold which is good as that's all I really needed. Would be nice for a few bug fixes and such though. Shame ElfMage isn't here.


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            So, the site went offline?

            Open Source: TGS CMS (vB-Content-Bridge) / Planet 3DNow! / Change prefixes with AJAX


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              NuWiki user here. Waiting for dev issues to be resolved in some way...
              I think that best option could be if Jelsoft will buy rights for NuWiki and develop it further... But it's kinda utopia...


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                Is it possible to contact Nuhit's owner and ask if he would sell? Maybe Jelsoft or a VB-specialist firm would buy. Utopia could be just around the corner...


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                  Dont own a copy of nuhit's wiki, but would like to buy one if it was supported.


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                    Anyone have the fixes that would get vbwiki pro running right on vB 3.7.0? at the moment the page just hangs while waiting for it to display.....


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                      Guess not.....I really don't want to uninstall this product but it looks like this is the way to go...


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                        i Hope Elfmage return soon


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                          What's the official word on this? This code should be open-sourced.


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                            I wrote this post on the NuHit forum a few weeks ago. It details what I did to get the software working with 3.7 and MediaWiki 1.11. I can't speak to the performance of these changes, but they work. If anyone has other suggestions, please post them here in case the site vanishes.

                            I installed vbWikiPro on my vb3.7 installation today. I came across three major issues and fixed them with some simple changes. All three of these are less than optimal solutions, but they get the job done and don't cause any errors. Hopefully this helps some of you.

                            Fix error on Discussion creation:

                            This fix works if you are re-directing discussions to your forums and the thread is created successfully but you receive a SQL error abouts the 'jobs' table.

                            1. Take note of the table that it can't find.
                            2. Go to phpMyAdmin and run the following SQL command. Please take note that your _job prefix may be different than the default. You can see which one it's looking for in your sql error message.

                            CREATE TABLE mw_job (
                            job_id int unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
                            job_cmd varbinary(60) NOT NULL default '',
                            job_namespace int NOT NULL,
                            job_title varchar(255) binary NOT NULL,
                            job_params blob NOT NULL,
                            PRIMARY KEY job_id (job_id),
                            KEY (job_cmd, job_namespace, job_title)

                            Obviously, it would be better to find the source of the error and try to fix it, but I simply wanted a quick bandaid. This is a bandaid. (The table doesn't even get used.)

                            Automatically Redirect Discussions to the Forum:
                            Replace your vbWikiPro_GoToForum.php file with the attached one. If someone has a diff program and the original file, you can see what's changed and post that here. I can't remember what edit it was. (I just removed a single if else statement)

                            Use vbWiki with vBulletin Deluxe Login & Access Control Addon
                            I use this hack in a global navigation banner and found that it didn't work on the MediaWiki pages after the integration. Here's how to fix it.

                            Open up the file you are including from your forum root directory and add the following two lines right after the first <?php:

                            / required by MediaWiki/vB bridge
                            global $vbulletin;
                            global $db;

                            Note: you don't need to include the global.php on pages that have the vbWiki integration. vbWiki already does that for you.

                            COMPLAINT: What's up with no BB Code allowed in these posts?!?!
                            David Edelman
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                              Hi Davide101,
                              have you also the "vbWiki Pro: Go To Forum"-Problem with vb 3.7.x without db-failure? Or is this another bug?


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                                where can we find the attachement?


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