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Last edited by Trevor Hannant; Mon 11th Oct '10, 12:06am.

  • +1, the CMS is bad for SEO, We're really wasting our time with it, I get much better results with WP....
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  • Yellow Slider
    commented on Upcoming feature - New Editor
    what about full rtl support? (please don't just tell me "it should support", I know what it should, but the facts are different)
    and offcourse check those bugs before you release it -...
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  • disabling options for moderators \ super mod' with a query


    I have about 100 forum moderators, and I want to set all the options under " Visitor Message Permissions, Groups Permissions, User Album Permissions" to "No" so they...
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  • Mass update of moderation permisssions (including super moderators)

    I'd like to disable the option to merge and physically delete posts, for every moderator (including super moderators) there are in specific usergroups.
    How can I do it?

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  • Absurd..
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  • Sad..
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