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    Howdy KurtinSA from your neighbor in Houston. I was reading your old thread about your email instant notification issues and I am having some similar issues and like you, its above my pay grade. Can you recommend someone to help me with this? Did the person you used get paid for the help? I would be glad to pay someone to help me resolve my issues.

  • KurtinSA
    Randall -

    I'm not sure what issue you're remembering, but possibly it was that not all of our moderators were receiving email notifications of reported posts. We have an on-call IT person who decided to follow up on things. As I understand it, one of the moderators was a Verizon customer. And because of some potential spam we had long time ago, the emails from our server are being blacklisted. I've tried several things to get Verizon to reconsider to no avail. The IT guy said the only way to fix things is to either pay for a different method of getting emails to people or to switch servers. We don't have a lot of money to throw around, so I think they're going to look into the different server route. While all I know is that one moderator is affected, it could very well mean that all of our members who have Verizon email service are also affected. So far, the issue hasn't cropped up among the regular members, so maybe the effect is limited.

    If that's not the issue you were thinking of, point to a link that can refresh my memory as to the issue.

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