Wow, long time no see!! I don't know if you remember me, nor am I sure how I found you originally almost 10 years ago. My name is Misty O'Neal, handle: mistymeanor and I found old private messages here between you and I! I remember you helped me so incredibly much! I ran a pet forum called EOTC-Pets and I just remember you being my main "go to" guy. I hope you are still around here, I see your last activity was in May. I am starting a new forum for people with neuromuscular diseases like myself, and wow... has vBulletin changed! After talked to a few people on the forum here, and pre-sales support, I am not going to start out with vB5, and going to start with vB4. It's more closer to the old school one I used to run, and vB5 seems totally foreign to me. Right now I am just trying to make sure that Blue Host will work for the required host stuff it needs, and then will be buying a new license... wow! Expensive! But vBulletin is what I prefer over any other. I am supposing I am going to have to pay $149 on top of $399 in order to get it installed for me That is unless you want to do an old bud a favor? hehe! But I am trying to figure out HOW I get the vB4 installed... meaning do I have to tell the installation peeps first? Or is it something I can just go into settings and downgrade? Anyway, good to see you still here! You were my partner in crime in the day and you helped me so damn much, and I learned so much from you! But it's been a LONG time since I have done this, and my memory is foggy in my old age! LOL!