I am Ellithy, owner of Masrstars.com, one of famous sites in Egypt and using vBulletin on my site.
My site is an adsense revenue share, I made this using some simple codings.
On 11 October Google announced the Google Adsense Host API that enables revenue sharing officially from Google as a Google partner with some conditions that my site is eligible for, like having more than 100,000 daily page views....
Since you are a vBulletin developer I think you can apply this Google host API on my forum and of course with the price you decide
My forum runs on 3.7.6 vBulletin
I send this message to all possible Bulletin developers...
Please take a look at the API and its integration here : http://code.google.com/apis/adsense/host/index.html
and reply to me if you can apply this to my site, and the price you want for this development

thanks for you time

Much Obliged,