Can't post to the ImpEx forum, and I don't want to forget... I found a bug I wanted to report for it.
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  • from phpBB3
  • to vBulletin 3.7
  • Importing Forum module

Importing forums has a bug related to parent_id. Categories are imported fine, but subforums that have a parent forum (not a parent category) will fail, if their parent forum has not been imported first.

For example, under Category X, I have Forum Foo. Under forum Foo, I have subforum Bar. But ImpEx tries to import forum Bar before it has imported forum Foo.

This causes and error because the parent id for Bar is pointing to the forum id for Foo but Foo doesn't exist yet, so it fails.

To workaround, I made all sub forums point to categories instead of their parent forums before importing, but if that could be fixed, it would be nice.

Thanks for your time. -Mark