Now and then we receive complaints from our paid subscribers about encountering access problems to our paid contents.

The following are 2 actual quotes from 2 of our paid subscribers -

1. Subscriber A -

On May 17th - "Although a "premium member" I have frequently encountered problems when attempting to access "select" features. I have been using Mozilla Firefox (v2.0.0.14) as my preferred browser. Is that a problem?"

On May 18th - "As it happens, I am having the usual trouble again this morning. When I attempt to log in, it acknowledges my user name but redirects me to another log in page. I then end up in a loop of log in-acknowledgement-log in, etc.

Are there particular security features (popup blockers, etc.) that I need to disable in order to access the site?"

2. Subscriber B -

On May 14th - "I have been unable to log in all day to iTulip. I enter my UID/password, and after the login acknowledgement screen, I'm spit back out. Please help!"

On May 16th - "I'm having login problems again, same as the last time. Help!"

Please help explain why they are having problems to access our paid subscription contents and what is the solution to it?

[email protected]
(We're paid memeber of VB and have purchased our own lic.)