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  • Partly German/English?

    I'm Technical Administrator on a German speaking board (currently running wBB -
    We are considering changing to vB and change to English as default language,
    however we want to maintain the option of having a German Forum software, this goes for users as well as admins (Admin CP).
    I've been reading a little here and from my understanding, I will have to contact the German subsidiary of vBulleting to request a German language pack as soon as I buy the english version.
    Can anyone confirm this, and maybe tell me if that would be free or paid ?
    Also, as said above, does this language pack translate the Admin / Moderator control panel as well ?
    If possible I would like to start out using vB Version 3 right away, including the German language pack. Is that already being developed with vB itself still being in Beta/RC state ?
    Also, if the answer is no and we'd have to wait until the final comes out, how long would that be, roughly guesstimated ? (I understand that the Staff gets asked this about ten thousand times a day, and usually nobody knows for sure, but some very rough information would do for me.)

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.
    best regards,

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    Hi there,

    Nice of you to have an interest in the vBulletin forum software.
    Yes, version 3 supports multiple languages, and English and German are at the moment the two official languages supported. for English (finished) for German (not finished)

    If I understand correctly, you can only have access to one of those two member area's, but I am sure you can request (after purchase) the german or english language pack. I think it is even possible to download the German language pack from the German web site.

    Note: The version 3 German language pack is still being translated. So you can't download it yet. This will most likely be released just before or after the Gold (final 3.0.0) release. At the moment you can only get the 2.x German language pack.

    Once you have the language pack for vBulletin version 3 (when it comes out), you can import it through the Admin Control Panel directly into the forum, and set the option for the end-user to select either English/German (and you can also set either of them as default). Version 2 of vBulletin does not have this option.

    I have no experience with purchasing or using the German language, but I am sure you can get both language packs with just 1 license.

    Good luck!
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      You can buy your license at and use the ticketsystem here and download the german Languagepack from
      You can NOT use the Membersection or ticketsystem on in this case.
      You will NOT have to pay again for the languagepack and you can download it for free after you entered your valid Customer-Number at .

      You can also buy your license on and can use the full german support and Membersection on their side.

      I have bought my 2 licenses at (because i feel closer to the devs than problems occur, but - in fact - i never had some ) and downloaded the german language-packs. Works without problems.

      The german languagepack also translates the Admin/ModCP, but its not complete - so you will still find some english words . But they are working hardly and updates are released very often.

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        thanks a lot for both your replies, they were very helpful, and we will most likely be going for vBulletin.
        My last concern is the final version of vB3 / the update process.
        We are planning on installing a few modifications, (besides is there something like the easyMod installer for phpBB ?) which is why I was/am hoping for the vB3 final (so I don't have to install them twice).
        What would you suggest - as in how to proceed ?


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          We just bought it

          However, I tried to download the german language pack from, but the website tells me I can get access to their members area if I "cancel" access rights to's members area - I don't quite want that :P
          How does this work now, any pointers please ?

          Thanks a lot,

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            The german style is available in our forums.

            Just register an account with us and enter your registered email address in this form:

            After you have done this you are verified as a valid license holder and you can download attachments in our forum.
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              Where would that be? I managed to get customer access to the german vBulletin *forum* (not members area) - and i see the vB 2.x language pack downloads, but no vB3 language packs - here neither.
              I'm sorry, but I'm most likely just blind and/or retarded - maybe someone can just post a link to the thread containing the language packs.

              Overall it seems there is a lot of confusion going on with membership on either side (vBulletin America/Germany), access rights etc. I seem to be past the problems now, but maybe someone should write a general Information thread to clear some new users' questions ?


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                Yoiu can find a customer created language pack here:
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