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    Originally posted by MarkS
    hi, first off I will admit that my impression of vbulletin in the past has been negative most likely mainly due to my lack of experience with it. If I have posted anything in the past (I honestly can't remember if I have) that shows this, please just disregard it.

    I currently use UBB.Classic 6.6.7 and am thinking of moving to a mySQL/php powered solution rather than using the flat-file system that classic uses. I will admit that I really dislike UBB.threads b/c the interface is ridiculously horrible (at least from what I've seen).

    One thing that I've heard, is that most bulletin boards are ripped from Infopop code and also that Infopop concentrates on security and stability more than other companies, while other companies concentrate on features more than Infopop. What's the truth behind this? Is this a valid statement? How secure is the code for vBulletin?

    Also, I was not able to find any info about the import from UBB.Classic 6.7 to vBulletin. Is this currently possible?

    Are vBulletin boards spider friendly (URL wise)? Is there a template/style perhaps anywhere that makes vBulletin look like UBB.classic? The BIGGEST draw for me to classic was the interface. It seems MUCH more friendly than any other board out there. If vBulletin could somehow look and feel like Classic to users.. or at least as easy and logical as it, I would have no reason not to switch really.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Classic so far, however looking down the road, I can see the flat file database system becoming a problem with my site as it grows. While the strength behind this is obvious for users who can't use a database, I think this is an issue of the past as most hosts will provide mySQL db's and in my case, I'll be moving to hosting myself in the near future.

    Any information you guys could offer would help. I know that this might be the wrong place to ask as I've gotten the impression from reading posts here that all or most of you hate UBB and Infopop with a passion, however I still would like to gather some opinions.
    We had one main reason to switch... the UBB (heavily hacked) was putting a strain on the server. Especially when it was getting hit concurrently, each request made it worse and worse.
    We also wanted to get the userdata db driven so we could start working away at our site to get it more integrated. There was a few of us that were going to do that, but then I managed to get first hand experience in vB3 in the admincp. Pretty much thought "We HAVE to switch to this". So we did.

    We did make some ubb style templates to begin with on the beta. Then Gamma came out and we ditched them. No complaints from the users when we added the option so the users could select whether they wanted to use the horizontal or vertical layout.
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      ok... just an update.

      for the moment, I'm looking to give UBB.Threads a try before vBulletin simply because it costs the same as a years update for Classic.

      If I don't like Threads, I'll be back.

      If I do like Threads, my next board will still probably use vBulletin.


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        I'm back. Due to a statement /comment made by an Infopop representative, I'm back here. The last thing I want to do right now is give Infopop any of my money.

        So, I'm back... and ready to do this thing in the near future.

        Is there a trial version I can install on my server just to make doubly sure it's for me? I want to play around with it first and make sure it's up my alley (even though I'm 99.9% sure now).


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          No, there is no trial script, although there is a vB2 admin demo ( Although I'd recommend you use vB3 over vB2, and the vB3 admincp is a lot different. So, if you get a license, I'd set up a few testboards, one for vB2 and one for vB3 to see which one you like better before converting (although I'm not sure if the UBB.classic importer works with 6.6.7, and even if it does, you'll have to convert to 2.3.4 whether you are going to use vB2 or vB3).


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            you lost me?

            why 2.3.4? if I wait for vb3?


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              You can wait for vB3. It is just the matter of seeing how long you want to wait. No one knows when the Jelsoft vB3 Dev Team will release vBulletin 3.

              So if you want to wait it out, wait for vB3
              If you can't wait, goto vB 2.3.4 and when vB3, convert it over
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                good point... actually though, I've received an email from vBulletin that seems to hint that it will be about a month. Maybe I misunderstood though.

                BTW - I've noticed that when you hover over a link, it gives you a brief bit of the post. That's pretty nifty.

                unfortunately though, I have to say that this will probably be my last post here for quite a while as I have to have something done health-wise. So any replies to this after this point I probably won't see. Thanks for the help. I will be going with vBulletin as soon as my health is back in order. I'm sure I'll see you all again in the future. Thanks for the help. Best wishes to all.


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                  I hope your health is all back in order soon.

                  And yeah, the mouseover preview is nifty. I believe Scott added it in a long while ago, I think within like an hour or so of a user's request.


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