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Vb3 vs PhpBB 2.2

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  • IPB offers a similar feature; a member is given a configurable amount of time to update his/her message (you can set it in ACP), afterwhich, your message will be tagged with a message indicating on when you last edited it. Some users (depending on their group) can escape this tag in the end (which is still very annoying). But anything is better than phpBB 1's edit tag where user can remove simply by editing the message again :P
    Best Regards,
    Andy Huang


    • You can´t delete the "edited"-tag in phpBB.

      And I was talking about a feature which prevents users from editing their postings.


      • In old version, I used to remove my tag all the time because it was simply appended to the message. This is pre 2.0, I am thinking it may have even been pre 1.0... It was a freakishly long time ago

        with vB3; here's something I copy and paste from ACP:
        ACP => vBulletin Options => Message Posting and Editing Options =>
        Time Limit on Editing of Posts
        Time limit (in minutes) to impose on editing of messages. After this time limit only moderators will be able edit or delete the message. 1 day is 1440 minutes.

        Set the value to 0 to allow users to edit their posts indefinitely.
        If I'm not mistaken, IF a post have NOT been viewed before AND you are still within the alloted time frame, you CAN edit it and vB will not append the "Last edited by" stuff after your post, otherwise it will either say "Last edited by" after your post OR tell you that you cannot edit it because your edit time is up.

        In IPB, there's these options:
        Can edit own posts?Yes No
        Edit time restriction (in minutes)?
        Denies user edit after the time set has passed. Leave blank or enter 0 for no restriction
        Allow user to remove 'Edited by' legend?Yes No
        These are set per usergroup.
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        Best Regards,
        Andy Huang


        • Yeah, the "last edited by" doesn´t really do me any good. I really need to be able to block the function after x minutes.


          • vB3:
            ACP => Usergroups => Usergroup Manager => *GO button beside the group you want to edit*
            Can Edit Own Posts Yes No

            Set to no.
            Best Regards,
            Andy Huang


            • Originally posted by Manannan
              Yeah, the "last edited by" doesn´t really do me any good. I really need to be able to block the function after x minutes.
              Yes, this function is in vB as we've stated.
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              • Splendid


                • phpBB is a good bulletin board for people who want to keep things simple without to many complicated features, options and settings. It's a little unfair to slag off phpBB because the developers do there work for free and also offer a good support backup on there forum also. And all for free!!!

                  I could also point you to a forum called "X2 The Threat" that has 98967 members and over 672868 posts located here:

                  I do agree that vBulletin overall is a better package, but then vBulletin is not free so I would expect nothing else. I think a person hit a good point above when he said you see lots of vBulletin boards out there with massive post counts and forum members, proving it's a very good choice of forum package if you intend to create something massive in years to come.

                  As far as phpBB2.2 goes that will support php5. There will be a massive difference between phpBB2 out now and phpBb2.2. The new version when it gets released with now come with features to rival both Invision and vBulletin. But only time will tell regarding how well they put there new phpBB2.2 package together. From what I've seen to be honest I do not really like the new admin setup on phpBB2.2. But then that will more than likely change as final version.

                  Personally I feel if your willing to pay for a forum package vBulletin is the best, but if you want a free forum that supports MySQL you can't beat phpBB!
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