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before i buy me a license...

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  • before i buy me a license...

    i'm near enough computer-illiterate, but I'm about to become a forum admin. Go me

    Anyway. As I say, I'm not fully up to date with the whole hosting/vbulletin thing, so i have a few questions.

    1)if i get the gamma release of vb3, can i upgrade it for free, and will any posts be deleted in the process?

    2)at present i have no webspace. for a community that won't go above about 300 people total but will probably be fairly active, what will i need to get as far as bandwidth, storage etc (bearing in mind that this will be more or less a standalone forum)?

    3)will much coding or knowledge be required to make forum and webspace become as one? (read: do i have to do much to get it hosted?)

    4)will much coding or knowledge be required full stop?

    Thanks^7 to anyone who can help with any number of these. Take pity on your lowly neighbourhood n00b!


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    1. if gamma is avaible when you buy your license, you will have access to use it, and you will be able to upgrade to vb3 gold granted your license is still active

    2. you would be good to get a package of about 500~mb of storage and around 10-15 gb of bw both are for growth, i currently use 3-5 gb a month and am using 250 mb of my space. you will most likly have to pay for this

    3. not a whole lot, just installing it is farily ez if you read the instructions

    4. you dont have to know a whole lot, id suggest knowing some basic html

    if you have any other questions please feel free, i can also recomend a good fiarly cheep webhost if youd like


    • #3 might be helpful to look for a decent free webhost. Remember to use the search tool before purchacing.


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        i dont like wht alot of hosts just go their to spam their compnays,


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          They are cracking down on the spam. They've also done a lot of changes to the advertising sections. It used to be you could just post as much as you wanted, now you can only post once every X amount of days (I think it's either 5 or 7 daysk, I forget which).


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