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Looking for performance estimates on search features

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  • klieber
    started a topic Looking for performance estimates on search features

    Looking for performance estimates on search features

    I've read through the pre-sales forum and gleaned some information from the other "How fast is vB" threads. Our forum is a bit unique, however, so I'm posting this to see if there are any other insights you can offer.

    Using phpBB2, we currently have ~500,000 posts, ~30k members and 300 - 400 simultaneous members during peak times. Because our forums are primarily a support resource for our linux distribution, we get heavy use of our search feature. As such, we're hitting major performance bottlenecks with our current setup. Our current wordsearch table is 1.5GB and even though we have a dedicated database server (dual xeon, 4GB RAM) too many searches still brings mysql to its knees. We've tweaked and tuned until we're blue in the face -- that's not going to get us to scale where we need to go. We've been reluctant to delete/prune posts to this point because one of the primary benefits of our forum is the search feature.

    So, can anyone comment specifically on how much more efficient vB's search functionality is than phpBB2's? As an ancillary question, how much more effective is it?



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