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  • Very Simple question I hope

    Ok . . . new customer here (I hope) so forgive me for not knowing what many of you did about 10 years ago it seems!

    I've seen all the hacks that are around on and I can see that they make the boards even better than the stock product.

    1. How do you install a hack? I know a fair bit of HTML but I need to know simply in which areas the new code is entered (sorry for being so stupid.) I assume this is in the admin area but it seems very complex to put in the right places, and my knowledge beyond HTML is non-existent. Help me! will I ever be able to have these cool little extras?!

    2. What is the release date for vB3?

    Thanks very much and apologies again!

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    1. Each hack has it's own set of instructions. Just read and follow those instructions. (BTW all hack-releated questions should be posted at

    2. We do not have a release date for vB3 final yet. This depends on the number and nature of the bugs we find in the public beta test phase.
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