I have read the posts on VEnturesOnLine and am seriously considering using them - as proven to run VBoard fast - for our new VBoard forum to be launched next month.

I know this could be a 'how long is a piece of string" type question - so let me quantify it by using thi forum as an example. Can someone tell me, or preferably VBoard, what sort of package they are running this VBoard on.

Is it on a dedicated or virtual server? and

- How much Bandwidth?
- How Much Disk Space?
- How much RAM if on?

Or otherwise, if it has far more than this VBoard on it, what would I need to run the capacity of just this Forum (and all its threads) at the performance level of this VBoard.

We plan only to put the forum part of our website on such a facility and the rest to keep seperate - so that performance of both is independent.


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