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    Well basically, although I do not need to be convinced that I want to buy a vb license, I have a few questions, and want to make sure it really can do what I hope it can, and how easily.
    Price is not an issue, and I do believe that of all the boards availible, this offers the ability to have take the options I want out to the furthest point I have seen. Currently I run my community on phpbb for well, I dunno, a long time. It offers the basic stuff I need along with a whole bunch of other stuff, while many being cool, much of which I would rather trade for other it makes the cutoff line but barely.

    One of my board's highest priorities is as an RPG related place, and I have the need to have the most advanced abilities to employ shops, character and battle mods etc. Phpbb does do this at a bare minimum and it's moving along, but I doubt it would catch up to vbulletin.

    So, I'm wondering exactly how easy would it be for me to customize my board and then upgrade with all the hacks and other mods I have made all still in tact?
    I am a decent artist so all the graphic stuff I want I can get, but since I'm just a beginning php programmer, on phpbb it's practically impossible to get anywhere in customizing just one slightly modified style before I have to upgrade and start all over, and for new versions, same goes for many of the hacks.

    Now, regardless of my personal reasons, if I decide this is right for me, I must get this up and running wfor me to begin customizing it with one or two months from now. While I don't forsee this as a problem in itself, especially with this new version 3 that I don't know much about but is apparently filled with very different coding, I'm hoping that if I go through with completely giving my board a makeover with version 2, how easy would it be to upgrade?
    Not even considering that, if say whenever it comes out, if I install vb 3 first, and then I just want to upgrade to a newer version of 3, would I have to pretty much recode everything again from the start?

    Sorry if I probably got a bit carried away and said more than necessary, but hopefully someone can give me a fairly extensive response to my answers.


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    Since this involves hacking in features, you really should ask at the hacking site:

    Tell them specificaly what kind of features you need and they can tell if you a hack exists for it.
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      Uh ok, I guess that's a good idea.


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