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VBulletin Vs. PHPBB

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    Originally posted by Equ1n0x
    If you want a top board, run vb, if your doing anything 'questionable' with it, use invision, phpbb, or some other faf.

    I know a few people who would have bought vb, had it not been for this clause, but its Jelsofts choice, they are the only ones that can lose sales because of it :|
    If what you are doing is illegal, do you think someone will give a damn if you are using phpBB or vB? The answer is no. It's illegal no matter what software you use.


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      heh, fair enough then, just examples =P

      Even in some places where there are no laws regarding such matters, can't use vb's. (I'm guessing offshore, etc?)

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        If that were the case Jelsoft would find it hard to ask you to remove it whither you paid for the privalege to be told what you could talk about or not.

        but yeah Squall is right... My question is though.... if people are willing to trade warez vidz etc on a vb board whats to make them buy a license compared to getting a muted vB in the first place?
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          Originally posted by SFishy
          Not-for-nothing, I hear this argument tossed around a lot when it comes to "hacks available" and "free software". Great... so phpBB may have the ability to do what VB does out of the box if I go and add 300 hacks to it. Guess what though? My time is worth money, and if I have to spend hours and hours and hours hacking and customizing phpBB just to give it the features VB has "out-of-the-box", than honestly, it's no longer free. And I really don't want to have to keep replugging in hacks each time I upgrade.
          This is exactly what went through my mind before buying VB. Phpbb 2 did not have the upload capability and I tried to install the upgrade hack. Phpbb2 was in RC stages and the hack did not work after trying it many times. My time was limited and I did not want to spend hours adding new features that VB had by default. On top of that, I did not know that hacks would need to be re-installed each time there is an upgrade!

          Originally posted by SFishy


          As for an earlier argument going on about copyright violation, let me just say this -- -- That smilie is mine.
          Wow! That pretty kewl!


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            phpBB is a great forum software, Although, It lacks so many features.., Like.. Everything you need!

            vBulletin pwns phpBB all the way. phpBB 2.2 seems quite convincing.., And might go up in the Pro group (vB,IPB).

            So, Untill phpBB 2.2 Final comes out, And vBulletin 3.0.0 Final comes out, We will see the facts.


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