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    Have you tried to customize PHPBB's look to your website yet? Yes? Try the vB admin demo to test how easy it is to customize vB's look.

    Have you ever seen such an outstanding support like Jelsoft provides it at a support forum for an open source forum like PHPBB or the like?
    If you ever needed help fast, you received it here.

    Have you ever seen such a vivid hacking community like the one vB has with with an open source forum?

    Have you ever seen the feature list for vB 3?


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      Scalability is the main reason. Our support is just a friendly bonus that we give you. How many PHPBB based sites do you see with over 1 million posts and over 800 users online at a time?

      To see some with vBulletin, look at
      Translations provided by Google.

      Wayne Luke
      The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
      vBulletin 5 API


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        The reason Wayne is pointing is how stable vbulletin is with that many users online and how many posts on the forums. We've heard stories of some phpBB board struggling once the board gets tp a certain size.


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          vBulletin 2.X uses practically the same security protocols as PHPBB. Because we are a commercial provider, we can pay to have our software audited by outside sources who have no other vested interest in vBulletin.

          However, we are increasing that security in vBulletin 3.0. There are new features like expiring passwords, with a per user password log, tracking failed logins and disabling accounts, unique password hashes across different sites even if the user uses the same password, improved session handling.

          On the back end, all variables in vBulletin are properly initialized making MySQL injection virtually impossible. In 3.0, this is tightened even more.

          The user group system in vBulletin is comprehensive allowing complex permissions in unlimited groups to be set up on a per forum basis. You can even disallow one user from accessing a single forum even if his user group allows it. In vBulletin 3.0, this is enhanced with multiple usergroups with cascading permissions on individual forums. Because of the complex scenarios this can provide, you can verify a particular usergroup's access directly in the Admin Control Panel.

          There are also other security precautions in vBulletin that take place behind the scenes.
          Translations provided by Google.

          Wayne Luke
          The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
          vBulletin 5 API


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            Originally posted by MissNegativity
            From what most people have told me, I should get a VBulletin because it's fast and can handle alot of people. Two reasons isn't quite enough for me to fork out 160 dollars.
            vB might not be what you're looking for then.

            I've got a forum running on the box under my desk that's been up for going on 5 months now. We see somewhere between 1,600 and 2,200 new posts per day, have 4,777 members, 240,000 posts, and 19,215 threads.

            It's hosted on a 1 Mbit SDSL line, and over the last minute it consumed 38% of that with 167 users online at the time. CPU usage is negligible, and the system has been rock-steady since we installed it (even with non-release versions of MySQL on the back end. ). Scalability matters to some of us -- it'll matter to you if your community really starts to grow, and like us, you have about 30 people working in some form of moderator role.

            vB is built for that. It'll scale well, and it's got the tools you need to manage growing sites.

            Now, would phpBB have worked as well? The admin/mod tools are weaker and would have meant we would have had to conform to the board rather than configuring it to work the way we wanted, but we could have probably made it work (there's at lease one phpBB2 forum out there with 1.5 million posts). InvisionBoard looks like it would be an even better bet than phpBB if you're looking for a free-as-in-beer product (for free-as-in-speech, you'd better stick with phpBB).

            Perhaps it's just because I'm a neat freak but 1 million posts is just wayy too messy. 800 users as well sounds like too many. Once again though I'm sure that's great for insanely high-traffic sites.
            You might not want to grow that big, but there's something to be said for running a system that can be expected to take all the workload you can throw at it. You'd be surprised how uncluttered a board with a lot of posts can be, too -- it's going to look like any other board, but the messages won't be pruned every few months. We took over from another vB site that closed with 1.3 million posts and almost 150,000 threads. It's sitting up there as an archive, and it's an incredible resource for people who are into firearms and shooting. Go run a search and see how little effort it takes to search through 1.3 million posts on vB.

            So, your question: Why vB over the other options?

            phpBB and InvisionBoard will do what 98% of the boards out there require, and will do so better than UBB (judging from my experience as a user). Reasons you might want to get vB over these include:
            • Admin and moderator options are perfect for larger boards. I can't tell you how it differs, but some of the mods freaked when they saw the options on phpBB (initial board was running phpBB temporarily until vB was licensed correctly) and realised what was missing in comparison to vB. Invisionboard is supposedly really close in this respect.
            • Scalability. I know you don't care, but you've got a better chance of running a high-performance board with a minimum of hassles with vB than with phpBB, in large part because of the ...
            • Service and Support. If you've got a problem, you're going to get an answer from the Jelsoft folks, even if that means you're talking with one of the programmers to resolve it. You can pay iB as well, but check the forums here to get a feel for the sort of support we see. That's worth something if you value up-time.
            • A proven platform. vB has had a great reputation for a while, and there's a reason for that. We can assume that v3 will maintain that tradition (if we ever see it ), and we know that development is planned rather than haphazard.

            Those are the reasons I see -- the same reasons a professional photographer would buy a "professional" camera over a "prosumer" camera, or why auto mechanics tend to spend ungodly amounts of money on Mac or SnapOn tools instead of Home Depot's home brand with a 100% replacement warranty, or why lots of us computer-types favor Cisco-branded routers over something with a 3Com or HP logo...

            It does the job. Without question. With top-notch support.

            Do you care? Couldn't tell you. Is vB always the best option? Nope -- I was asked to set up a forum for someone recently and I used phpBB (mainly because it's well integrated with php-nuke; I'd prefer invisionboard).

            Is there a better choice for a forum that you really expect to take off? Nope.

            Then again, I dropped something like $700 into eSoft's TBBS, DBMS, a search tool, some games, and random other stuff when I was a broke college student and started a BBS. $160 is nothing in my mind, though it seems to be a big obstacle for some. You've gotta evaluate whether the benefits of vB outweigh the costs in your particular case.
            The High Road


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              what is ur forum url ?


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                [QUOTE='MissNegativity']PHPBB also has it's own hacking community at

                So does vBulletin,

                Most of phpBB hacks (also wBB etc.) are based on vBulletin hacks


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