I am testing out the functionality of vB by using the current vB at this site, as a user and have found a few problems which make it quite difficult to use.

It may be perhaps because I am new to this vB and perhaps I am doing something wrong, however I would hope that all my users would not have this problem if I decide to purchase and use vB on my web site.


I use MS Word to type and spell check, before posting in the forum (because vB refuses to give us any Spell Checker and they also promised us the it will not be available in the future version 3 etc. - which means that even if it will be available in the very FAR, future, it is at least a year away, for now).

After typing in MS Word (which I am doing now) I Spell Check and then use “Cut and Paste” into the Forum.The results are that all the line breaks between paragraphs, disappear (I hit ENTER) twice at the end of each paragraph).Perhaps I could avoid this problem if I didn’t use the WYSIWYG editor, however I do not find any option where I can disable the WYSIWYG editor (as a user) at this time.

Another problem that I’ve noticed with the WYSIWYG editor is that when you use the “quote” in your reply, you naturally want to hit ENTER, so that you will have at least one line space between your quote and your new reply.However if you “see” one line of spacing when you are in WYSIWYG (after the quote) it will result in 2 line spaces. So if you want to avoid the double line space you have to type, practically, “right on top” of the quote, (leaving no line space, during typing and editing) which is disturbing to the eye.

The only reason you see Line Breaks in this post is because I always have to go back and "edit" and put in the Line Breaks (again).