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importing old 'simple' bbs database

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  • Steve Machol
    Of course you will need to write a custom import script for this, but I don't see any reason why this can't be done. When you purchase vBulletin you get access to the database schema which should provide you with the information you need to do this. If you need help with the import script, the place to ask is at the hacking site:

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  • gmatelich
    started a topic importing old 'simple' bbs database

    importing old 'simple' bbs database

    We have a fairly simple relational database bbs, that we would like to replace with something like vBulletin, but are concerned about importing the old data.
    The previous structure was several sets of tables, each set of two making up a forum, containing a table for posts, and a table for replies.
    Each table of posts, has a PostID, Post-er's Name, Post-er's Email, Post Subject, Post Text, and Date of Post. Each table of replies, has a Reply ID, Original Post ID, Reply-er's Name, Reply'ers Email, Reply Subject, Reply Text, and Date of Reply.
    I hope that with the new structure of the vBulletin tables and a little SQL magic, I will be able to import this old structure into a new vBulletin BBS.
    Is this a reasonable hope? Where would I find the required structure that I will need to convert our old tables to? (I'm not really concerned about creating a users list from original posts, maybe they can all be given dummy post-er names if that's a problem).

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