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    I am thinking of buying vB for a new site I am going to start, but I have a few questions first:

    1. How does the speed of vB compare to wBB (1.2) and IBF (1.1) for a site with 100+ users on at a time?

    2. Will vB 3 be a free upgrade if I buy 2.2.x now?

    3. If I get a lifetime licence, can I use after a year, or do I need to pay $30?

    4. About how large is a database with 1,000,000 posts in it (No Attachments)?

    5. If I buy vB with PayPal, how long before I can download it? Days, Hours, Minutes?


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    1) I'm not sure what the speed of wBB is...

    2) Yes - You'll get all the updates you want for one year.

    3) To my knowledge you will still be able to download hacks..

    4) I'm not sure about without attachments, but with some attachments it's about 140MB per 100,000 posts.

    5) If you pay via an echeck with Paypal it can take 4 to 5 working days to clear your payment. If it's an instant payment you should receive your vBulletin Customer information within a few minutes.