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  • Few Questions

    I currently have UBB Classic and I'm looking for a better product. After looking through your admin panel and other info I have a few questions.

    - Is there someplace where I can find a complete list of features for your board.

    - On the option to "notify about new members" can you add more than one email address there? Or is it limited to only notifying one person about the new members?

    - Can poll options be set on a poll to poll basis? Allow only one option to be selected on some polls while others allow multiple?

    - On the calendar can events added by users be seen by other users? Also, can events span multiple days? Or be repeated (monthly, weekly, etc) automatically or do you have to enter the event again for each day that it occurs?

    - will the import script to convert my UBB over to vbulletin keep my custom smilies, etc intact or will I need to add them again?

    -Do I need to know PHP to edit the templates? Will the conversion keep my current templates or will I need to recreate those?

    - Can the ability to delete posts be turned off across the board? Or is it time limited as the edit feature is?

    - I noticed that the installation fee does not include importation from an existing board. How much extra does that cost or will Ihave to do it myself/have someone else do it?
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    Hi JustAskJulie

    Welcome to vBulletin. You've made an excellent decision for being here so you are an awesome webmaster.

    First we don't have a list of features, but a general list can be found at

    There is also an full working demo of vBulletin currently available at

    The demo should give you an idea on what features there are in vBulletin. If you don't see a feature that is in vBulletin, perhaps you may be intrested in a few code hacks at

    Honestly for notifying about new members, I don't use this feature so I don't know. I don't use it because there may be lots of users who sign up at my forums and I get suddenly flooded with a hundred or more people signing up for my forums. Becomes of a headache in the long run

    I'm not sure what you mean in the polls, but if I'm interpretting it correctly, there is options that allows users to select more than one selection (should the original post setter select it)

    For the calendar, there are public and private events. Public events are normally reserved for the administration, however by editing the forum access masks, you can allow people to post on the calendars publicly. Events are repeatable, but I'm not aware if they are spanable.

    There is a UBB import script in the members area (once you purchase your vBulletin license, you gain access into this area)

    Wluke (Wayne Luke) should be able to provide some insight onto the import procedure of UBB since he was once a UBB user.

    Templates are all MySQL inputted and you don't need to know PHP. You need to know PHP if you want to add your own personal custom features.

    Other than that, no PHP experience needed (some would be helpful if you ever wonder what went wrong)

    You can limit who can delete posts.

    Installation Fee should include assistance from vBulletin importing your UBB board. My best recommendation is you open a sales ticket with the sales department ([email protected])

    Sorry if some of my phrases seem a bit disjointed, but I've had a long day. IF I posted something wrong, someone clear it up for me... Thanks
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      How long does it usually take for someone who actually works for vbulletin to answer posts here?

      Is there someone at vb that I can email and get faster response?


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        It really depends. The answers already given pretty much match what staff would say so I am not sure what additional information you need.

        When we switched from UBB to vBulletin in 2000. The import went smoothly. I have also imported various UBB's into vBulletin for different customers and never had a problem. If you modified your UBB datafile structure you might have problems. However with default files the importer will import everything including your styles.

        Any other questions you need further clarification on?
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          How hard is it to install the board and do the import? I installed the UBB without any problems, but that was the cgi version. I really don't know PHP.

          Would I be able to do the installation/import?

          If not, how much extra does VB charge for the import (according to the sales page, the installation price listed there does not include the import).


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            1. My import from UBB 5.45c was very easy and took only a few minutes. Installation was also easy for me even though I had no experience with PHP or MySQL at the time.

            2. Most people can handle this. However it really dependfs on you and your level of computer skills and knowledge.

            3. We do not have an official import service. Some of the vB Team members will do this on an individual contract basis though.
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              Thanks for the input. One more question.

              Does VBulletin have content islands or some way that I can show a list of current threads on another page within my site, using SSI or something?


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                I'm not sure this is the same thing but there are several hacks over at that will display recent posts on a non-vB page. Look for 'PluhNews' and 'Last xx posts on non-vB page'.
                Steve Machol, former vBulletin Customer Support Manager (and NOT retired!)
                Change CKEditor Colors to Match Style (for 4.1.4 and above)

                Steve Machol Photography

                Mankind is the only creature smart enough to know its own history, and dumb enough to ignore it.


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                  if it helps to how hard it is to import VB or install it

                  my Ten yr old cousin's dad bought him a Vbulletin for chris and he DId it in 5 minutes


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