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    I know absolutely nothing about running or installing a bulletin board, but we are really wanting to add a bulletin board to our website. I have used the vbulletin as a visitor on another website and love the features.

    My main concern is.....if I pay vbulletin to install the bulletin board on our servers is it difficult to learn how to set it up (different forums, etc).

    I'm just nervous about spending this sort of money and then not be able to figure any of it out! LOL

    Also, once it is on the site...........what is involved in maintaining the bulletin board other than moderating the bulletin boards?

    I'm sure these are really naive questions, but I've been reading some of this......and my head in spinning......because I do not understand the computer lingo.

    Thanks for any help.

    You can email me at [email protected]

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    IMO it's not difficult to setup a vB. You can test this for yourself with our online admin demo at:

    Maintenance is pretty easy as well. The only thing you'd want to do on a reguular basis is make backyups of your forums. For this, you would be better off with a host that provides telnet or ssh access.
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      Jelsoft also offers official installation and upgraded services, too, so you really don't need to know anything
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