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How easy is it to upgrade?

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  • How easy is it to upgrade?

    I plan on buying vB in the next month or so. Yet Version3 will be out soon after. I was wondering how easy is to upgrade keeping database intact. I heard that their is some problems somtimes if you don't install on a clean DB. Also I'm looking forward into customizing vB, (images, code/hacks) , will this be somewhat in vein if I do it around the current version and then upgrade? I would think their will be some .. but I just want to know the "extent" of what could happen.


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    Upload the new scripts and run an Upgrade script. That is how easy it is to upgrade. We do recommend a complete backup of the database first just to be on the safe side. However the chances of the upgrade process hurting your database is very low.
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      What about custom templates? Will they be easy enough to port over, it will it be a whole new job...


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        Custom templates are not overwritten when you upgrade. However you should check to see which templates have changed (it'll be in the Announcement) since some security and bug fixes may require reverting these templates.
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          Also, in the event that a template has changed, you could use software such as Beyond Compare to quickly compare the old template with the new one... and then put your customizations into the new template.


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            They've got software to speed up template generation?


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              Boogle, take a look at Beyond Compare... It doesn't "generate templates", but it can help you reconcile changes between new and old files more easily.


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                Ahhh I see. Sounds good, not just for templates, but for testing out hacks and everything. Cheers for that link m8


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