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Import from UBB 6.04c with 10000 members

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  • Import from UBB 6.04c with 10000 members

    Heya ... I've been using UBB for my community for a couple of years now, and would really like to switch over, but have a few questions first.

    Firstly, I just want to be clear about the importing. My UBB has 10000 members and about 20000 total posts in 27 forums. I'm using UBB version 6.04c running on a shared Windows 2000 server that I have FTP access to (I don't have physical access to the server).

    I'm looking for a new host, and would like to transfer to vB at the same time. Here are some of my questions:

    1- Looking at the information above, do I fall into any exception where my board cannot be converted 100%?

    2- Can I import from my old server directly to the new one? Or do I have to upload the old one to my new host first?

    3- How long should I expect the convertion to take (I understand it must vary alot, but an estimated range of time would help me plan ahead, as I don't want to have to go to work in the middle of it or something).

    4- Where can I access the full instructions for the UBB 6.0 conversion tool BEFORE I buy? I realise why access to the program itself should be limited to subscribers, but I would like to be able to read the instructions before I purchase, so I can have a better understanding of what I'm actually getting myself into ... lol.

    5- Does the converter delete or change in any way the old data?

    6- Do I need to install vB before doing the conversion?

    7- I know absolutely nothing about MySQL, will I have any problems (particularly with installation and set-up of the database itself)?

    I also have a few questions about vB in general

    8- Is there a feature, where I can e-mail older members who have never posted, requiring them to click on a link within x days to keep their membership active?

    9- I had problems with e-mail configuration with UBB. Is there any e-mail setting I need to get from my potential host? (My current Windows host has a seperate outgoing mail server for webforms and stuff).

    10- Can some of you with larger communities recommend a good host that isn't too expensive?

    11- Can some of you with larger communities think of any potential pitfalls or problems I may encounter?

    12- Are there any permision/configuration settings I need to worry about for vB or the database itself?

    Bear in mind, I have installed UBB on my own (took me a couple of attempts and a call to my host's tech support), but I'm not an expert in any way.

    Thanks tons in advance for your help ... I'm looking forward to using your product !!!
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    Anyone ???
    Even if it's just some of the questions, it would help !!!
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      I'll have a go at some of them for you

      1. Shouldnt be an issue. Other members that have converted will give a better indication on this one.

      2. You will have to upload a copy of your current board to the same server that vbulletin is going to be on.

      3. Shouldnt take that long. All depends on the specs of your server. Once again, opinions from members who have converted will give you a better indication.

      4. I dont think you can. But I could be wrong. Perhaps PM one of the vBulletin staff.

      5. No in imports it. But as with everyhting, always back up

      6. Yes

      7. Usually no. But if you do, youve got your hosting provider and the great community here to help you out.

      8. Yes

      9. Not really. From memory it all depends on what your hosting provider has in php.ini

      10. Ask around - I cant really help you out here

      11. Seeing you are currently using UBB, and VB is a more efficient and overall greater product, there shouldnt be any hassels.

      12. Permissions is not going to be a hassel for you
      The admin script that the good people of jelsoft have created makes vb close to the easiest bulletin board to set up

      Hope that helps you out !


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