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Difference Between Ikonboard, Discus Pro, and VBulletin?

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  • Difference Between Ikonboard, Discus Pro, and VBulletin?

    Can somebody paint a clear picture for me as to how Ikonboard, Discus Pro, and VBulletin differ? I keep hearing each board maker claim theirs is "the best", but I need an honest and straight forward answer.

    Has anybody used Ikonboard? Likes / Dislikes?

    Has anybody used Discus Pro? Likes / Dislikes?

    Thanks for the help!

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    You might keep hearing "our board is best" if you're only asking at the various board's websites. You're much more likely to get an honest unbiased opinion at sites like and etc.

    I will say this though - Discus tends to be really hard on servers.

    Perl, even well-written Perl (which I will admit that iB tends to be well-written) is usually slower/harder on servers than PHP anyway.


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      Ikonboard is a resource hog - It brings servers to their knees. Many webhosts have banned it from being used on their servers... (Just so you know)


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        Thank you both for the quick response.


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          I had an Ikon Board...They can't even compete with Vb not in their wildest dreams



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            The last version of ikonBoard I used was 2.1.7. That one sucked compared to all of the other popular boards at the time, but things may have changed since then.


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              vBulletin will always be king
              Far below comes invisionboard IMO
              UBB gets bronze i think
              You're my Prince of Peace
              And I will live my life for You


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                I dont think any baord can really compare with vBulletin, but I think that ikonboard have added mySQL in their newest version.



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                  Cool. Thanks everybody for your feedback. I guess vBulletin it is then


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                    ...actually these statements are not quiet true.

                    I am using currently discus 4 pro on one of my boards and there are some features of discus, that the competition simply does not have! Just face it.

                    Above all the e-mail reply function which is a great help to keep a board alive.

                    User do not only get the normal e-mail notification as with all the other software, they also can reply by e-mail by just clicking on it and their answer is posted automatically on the right spot in the forum.

                    Show me how to do this on any other software!

                    I wish we could make our own mix of software, to have the perfect one...

                    One Tip for the sales guys of vbulletin:

                    PLEASE offer import/export filters for the different bboard software, so that the potential buyer does not hesitate to buy your software. As long as this does not change, people will neither switch, nor they will buy something, if they are not absoltely convinced to have the right thing.

                    But which webmaster does know that really in advance???


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             has a hack installed that allows replying by email. We have not implemented that in the stock vBulletin yet but we are considering it.

                      Regarding import scripts: We write import scripts for the programs that are mentioned most often. No one has the resources to write one for every single possible situation.


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                        sounds interesting...

                        ... so do you have import and/or export features for discus 4?

                        (Either via Mysql or text files)


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                          We do not offer an import for Discus at the moment - however if you'd like to import a Discus into vB please send me an email at [email protected] so that we can discuss it further.


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