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  • to: vbteam re: win2k Active Directory importing

    Are there any plans for making Active Directory DBs importable into vbulletin? My school is currently testing several different bulletin systems and is impressed with vbulletin but would need to be able to import the 2000+ student accounts from Active Directory.

    I think AD is in access but it can be converted to sql. We have not experimented with it much yet.

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    There are no serious plans for this, but I did do something similar for a client so in theory you never know We can't actually import it, but what I did was a way of authenticating via Windows NT or 2k logins. It doesn't work very well but it just about does the trick.

    Though if we can find a way of directly accessing and importing that would be excellent. The problem with that is that we would need to keep updating it, as if someone changed their AD password they would expect their vB password to be changed as well.

    If it isn't in vB 3 I will do a hack.


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      Would be a very nice feature, and AFAIK you would only have to query using LDAP the AD for authentication and userinfo, and associate a userid that resides in *SQL with AD to give you a relation between the 2.
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        Great idea

        I also think this would be a very good feature to have. My company is seeking a BB product now, and NT authentication would be a great selling point for me. Anyone have some sample script for the below? If I had reasonable assurance that we could do that I think we'd buy vBulletin.


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          Unfortunately it's not looking like this will be a standard feature in vB 3.

          However what you can do if you are willing to modify the code yourself is:

          -Set IIS to require authentication to access vB (if your browsers are already logged into the Windows domain they won't notice any difference, if they are logged out they will get a password prompt). IIS will pass the domain username to vB.
          -Modify the vB sessions code to take the username passed to vB and use it instead of the normal login system. vB will not store any passwords or anything but it will recongnise the users. Alternatively you could modify the code to insert AD users into vB's user database when they first visit. This would mean you can use vB's profile system.

          There may be a better way to do it using LDAP which I'll look into at some point but can't make any promises.


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