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Disk Space: vBulletin vs UBB 5

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  • Disk Space: vBulletin vs UBB 5

    I currently run UBB 5.45b and have about 85,000 posts and 4,000 members using approximately 400 mb of space. My current limit is 500 mb and I'm mass deleting every week to stay under the limit (about 480 site total at the moment). Would there be a significant savings in space by converting to vBulletin?

    Also, the UBB search function croaks when the search index for a particular forum reaches about 10 mb in size (43,000 posts). Is there any size problem with the search function in vBulletin?


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    Since vB stores files in databases and not flat files like UBB, it tends to not use as much space. I have a vB board with 40,000+ posts and combined with my large content site, it only takes about 120 MB total. The vB is only about 50 MB or so, I'm not mistaken. So there is a notable difference.

    With vB, you shouldn't have to regularly prune or delete messages to increase performance. There are many forums with hundreds of thousands of posts or even more and there is no maintenance needed, just make sure you have GZIP on to reduce bandwidth.

    As for the search problem, vB's search is very speedy - try it here and you'll see it goes very fast despite hundreds of thousands of posts.
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      As Marc touched on vB stores data differently from UBB. With vB there is 2 different types of disk space usage.
      1. web space - for php/html/image files and you vB files (which was only factor you had for UBB)
      2. mysql database space - which is separate from web space in that the mysql database space resides on a different partition from web space on nearly all web hosts.

      When you use vB, you have to take into account, both web space and mysql database space. vB 2.2.x consists of

      1. php/image files in the zip file you download = 1.65mb in size once the vB zip file is extracted and uploaded to your web site account.

      2. mysql database space which holds your vB data.
      - on initial install the mysql database space used is ~2mb which is mainly the database table structure and initial data in the database tables.
      - once you start posting, adding threads, members, polls, private messages, attachments, avatars etc, your mysql database space is the one that mainly grows and should be your main concern - mysql disk space.

      How much mysql disk space is used is highly dependent on the type of forum you run, and such factors as
      - your avergae allowed attachment and avatar size
      - how many attachments and avatars you have stored in your vB database
      - how many private messages you have stored in your vB database from members
      - how many posts and threads you have and the size and variables you have set for your searchindex
      - how many members you have
      - how many forums you have
      and so on.
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