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How granular can user posts be?

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  • How granular can user posts be?

    Hi, we have users that need to be separated into various groups, and when they post they need to be able to set specific target groups that can see it.

    e.g. we have 4 usergroups, User A only wants usergroups 1 and 2 to see their first post. Next post they want usergroup 2 and 3 to see it.

    Is this possible with vbulletin?


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    The ability to view Topics are controlled by Usergroup Permissions created by the Administration. You can control this on a channel by channel basis so you can create a channel that is accessible by group 1 and 2 and another that is accessible by group 2 and 3. A topic includes a starter and all its replies and/or comments. You cannot specify permissions on a post by post level.
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