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Good explanation of Facebook integration?

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  • Good explanation of Facebook integration?

    I just used Facebook login to register, and it was pretty messy. I saw my profile picture load and such, but after signing up and verifying, my profile is now just a blank avatar and I don't really get what the integration actually was. I still had to make a username and password, so I'm pretty confused.

    Is there a detailed writeup of how all the facebook integration works in vBulletin?

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    It allows you to login with Facebook. That is all. Each vBulletin site still needs a full and valid user account. The minimum for an account would be username, emaill and password. It should pull the name and email from Facebook but allows you to change them during registration.

    Since you're account is now linked to your facebook account, you can click "Login with Facebook" and follow whatever steps Facebook requires and be logged into this site.
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