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Intergrating advertising into VBulletin - addons ?

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  • Intergrating advertising into VBulletin - addons ?

    Hi -

    Considering VBulletin and wonder if there are any addons or services, other than Google Adsense, that will allow you to integrate advertising into the forums. Looking for something that allows the admin to create native ad opportunities vs. a service that sells advertising and then those ads get exposure on our site. Want to be able to control the advertisers better and set our own rates - giving advertisers a better bang for their buck. Any info is appreciated. Tks

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    This doesn't require an Add-on. You're not restricted to Google Ads with the web client. On the web client, you can place any advertising code you want inside defined locations in the system as well as using Ad Modules. So you can use any third-party Ad Management system available to sell and manage ads, then you place the code for those ads within vBulletin.
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