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Upgrading from vb4 CMS / Content Questions

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  • Upgrading from vb4 CMS / Content Questions


    When considering an upgrade from a Vb4 CMS installation - we created many, many articles over the years that would hopefully upgrade/import into vb5 without much issue...

    Are there any known issues on this front? Pages that have a lot of formatting, bb code, tables, etc (I realize tabels are deprecated for web development, but these were used to format information on these pages at the time)

    Are image sizes/scales within the content retained?

    Comments that were made on the articles?

    As an example, what would this article look like after a vb5 upgrade?
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    Articles should import properly with the vBulletin 5.1.0 upgrade steps. Providing that you are not using a third-party addon to manage your vB4 CMS comments, they will be migrated from the specific forums and attached to the article.

    BBCode formatting should be maintained. Your custom BBCode should have imported in a previous step. The Table BBCode is still supported in vBulletin 5. I don't know where you got the idea that it wouldn't be. Nor are tables deprecated for Web Development. Tables should be used for tabular data in HTML 5.

    Images may be resized, especially thumbnails. You can either change the bulk image sizes under Settings -> Options -> Message Attachment Options and rebuild the 5 different sizes (vBulletin 4 only supported two sizes). Or you can edit the article and either double-click to change to a custom size or drag from the lower right corner to resize images.

    As for your example article, it should look exactly as it does today. Though, I hope that with HTML 5 that the display is improved and without the overlapping text and poor left margins.
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