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  • Redirects, SSL and search

    Hi there,

    When we migrate our existing forum to cloud, we will be using a new domain name and will redirect our old sub domain domain to the new root domain.

    The old domain (along with the forum) is currently hosted on AWS and is protected with an SSL certificate.

    When I think through the options for redirecting the old domain once we have established our new forum in Cloud, I can think of 3 options.

    1. Setup a 301 redirect on the existing web server to the new domain name
    2. Do a CNAME direction from the old sub domain to the new domain
    3. Do a CNAME direction from our old sub domain direct to the vbulletin default domain for our new forum.

    Can you please advise which of these 3 options will work best from an SSL and search perspective?

    I'm thinking that option 1 is likely the best option, given that both the old sub domain and the new domain are or wiil be protected with an SSL certificate, and from what I understand search engines are OK with one 301 redirect.

    My main issue with using option 1 for any length of time is that sooner rather than later I want to decommission our old hosting platform.

    If we used option 2 or 3, can vbulletin provide a multi domain certificate to protect traffic directed to both domains?

    If we have to use option 1, in your experience, how long would we need to maintain the 301 redirect before search indexes are updated for the new domain (assuming we publish our new site indexes to Google immediately after our migration)? we currently get about 15K page hits a day on our existing forum.



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    Only option 1 seems like it would work as our cloud system does not work with multiple domains.

    We don't really experiment with length of time to keep old domains valid but personally I would suggest at least a year.

    What version of vBulletin are you currently running?


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      hi Joe we're running v3.8



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        And your URLs are default V 3.8 URLs? Things like thread?t=20340 not VBSEO or DBSEO URLs? If default URLs should work as expected.


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          Hi Joe,

          yes the urls are standard. we have never used vbseo.



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