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  • Moving from Version 3 to Cloud

    Hi there,

    We're currently on a version 3.8.9 forum hosted on AWS ( We're considering a move to a Cloud Gold plan (to accommodate our bandwidth requirements).

    W're also planning to move to a new root domain in place of the subdomain we are currently using.

    Our forum is pretty standard with only Tapatalk installed as a plugin and one custom style (Interlude).

    We're using the standard Ad Location templates to display Google Adsense ads.

    We're a medium sized forum with about 600K posts, 59K threads and 42k users. We have about 15K page views per day.

    Our database is about 8GB and our attachments about 5GB.

    I have a few questions I'd like to get answered before we commit:

    1. Are we likely to have any issues migrating direct from 3.8.9 to the latest version with the setup as I've described above?
    2. Should we uninstall our tapatalk plugin before migration?
    3. Should we remove our custom style prior to migration?
    4. Do you have any other tips for preparations we should make prior to migration?
    5. When you migrate our forum, do the tread and post URLs stay the same as our current forum? When we put our old domain name on redirect, will old Google searches still find the threads after being redirected? Over 80% of our traffic comes via search so I'd like to get an idea what will happen to our traffic until we can register our new site index under our new domain name with Google.
    6. What happens to any tags or other scripts that might be in our header includes template?

    Any information re my questions would be gratefully received.


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    1. Your Ad templates will be lost in the upgrade to vB5 (as part of the Migration) as the templates between the two versions are wholly different
    2. You can however it will be disabled automatically as part of the migration
    3. No, you can leave this there as this will still be visible in AdminCP for you to reference for colour codes etc for restyling under vB5. However, DON'T switch to it in the front end or set it as available for selection to end users as it will break your site!
    4. If you allow users to upload avatars to their profiles, make sure these and your attachments are in the file system before takign the necessary backups. We will advise on what format all of these are required in when you raise a Support Ticket to kick off the Migration process
    5. vB5's URL structure is very different to vB3. However, vB5 has a built in routing system that will redirect users from the old URL to the new one PROVIDED that you didn't use custom URLs on your old site (e.g. vBSEO rewriting etc). If you used standard vB3 URLs, users will be taken to the correct location whether via a search engine link or a bookmark
    6. They'll be lost - however you can update the Meta Description for a page via the Site Builder function.
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      Thanks very much for your rapid responses.

      Re the avatars, which are currently in the database, can you confirm they must be in the file system prior to migration? Avatars are currently in the database, but our attachments are in the file system.



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        They do not need to be in the file system before migration. They will be stored in the file system while on the vBulletin Cloud system.

        Moving them to the file system will create three files for attachments, avatars, and database. This may make the file sizes more manageable for the tech support representative to upload them to the server.
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