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  • Wayne Luke
    You can create custom BBCode to use the HTML video tag and embed an uploaded video into your content. The browser will "stream" this video as it downloads it in chunks. This is part of the HTML 5 standard that browsers support. However, vBulletin will not perform any buffering or bandwidth adjustments to enhance the user's experience. Nor will the video be re-rendered in a format that the end-user is guaranteed to view. If you upload OGG videos, they will need a browser that supports OGG videos to view it.

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  • Greek76
    started a topic Live stream videos

    Live stream videos

    I haven’t had vb since the early 2000’s so from what I see it’s obviously changed but before I and if I purchase I have a question. Is it possible to live stream videos on it? If so what exactly would I need from a server for live streaming.
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