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    Moons ago I ran a couple forums using a free version of Vbulletin. I'm familair w/the forums & I like it! However, I started to receive 10 spam emails a day (fakers trying to infiltrate your forum). Then 20 a day, then 100 a day. I had to abandon the forum over this. I can't be wasting hours of my time daily to sift through spammers vs legit potential members. So when it comes to a forum or any forum similar software it's all about the "Captcha". There are spiders out there and teams of people who get paid to make a forum admins life hell, by circumventing Captcha. I waz considering purchasing a full version of Vbulletin so I could create a new community and cold stop the spammers in there tracks. However, I've noticed that even though you're asking a hefty $250. - $400. for a new license, little to nothing is said about what version of Captcha does Vbulletin use? No images for examples, no version #, just: "Captcha". That's not good enough. If Vbulletin is selling in their new licenses the same Captcha version as what I used to register to post here? Honestly, this is a 10 - 20 year old version of Captcha which is easily circumvented & aggrivating to use. Idk what style or version of Captcha Ebay uses, but you're not required to pick out vehicles or crosswalkes via fuzzy pictures, several times. It's long winded and aggrivating. Ebay's is straight to the point, looks better & isn't aggrivating. You simply move a puzzle piece to it's slot & you're in! As, I said I like, am familair with & would like to use a Vbulletin forum, but for $250. - $400. I wouldn't even consider it, if all I get in return is a long outdated Captcha system which will only result in me abondoning any new project all over again. What version of Captcha does Vbulletin use? When did that version come out? And what is the latest version of Captcha being used online? Any help appreciated, thank u good sirs/mams! :]

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    This site uses Recaptcha provided by Google and is using the latest version of their version 2 API that they provide. This is a standard feature in the software.

    Captcha alone won't prevent spam or even bots from registering. It will only slow them down. Due to this, vBulletin 5.X has numerous other technologies that the site owner can take advantage of to prevent spam. These include comparing registrations to the StopForumSpam database and providing the ability to scan content based on both the Akismet content filter and your own list of keywords if you wish. The majority of spam will be excluded or hidden automatically using these tools. Some may still get through because as the tools we use improve, the attacks improve. We then improve our tools and the cycle repeats.
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
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