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Several questions before purchase

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  • Wayne Luke
    1. The software supports RTL and UTF-8. We do not currently supply a Hebrew language pack. You would have to translate the software in the AdminCP.
    2. You can try all the styles on this site. There is a Style changer in the footer of every page. Everyone has different needs. Page layout is completely customizable via Site Builder.
    3. vBulletin doesn't manage files like this. They are attached to specific nodes and cannot be uploaded separately.
    4. You can create custom Ranks that can include text and images via HTML. You can sort people into usergroups based on how long they have been registered and have ranks for those specific groups.
    5. vBulletin Cloud allows logins from Facebook, Twitter, and Google at this time. It cannot be expanded to pull in user information from other third-party sites. The download version gives you access to the API so you can create custom log in routines.
    6. You can purchase Android and iOS Apps with an addon purchase to vBulletin Cloud. They are not included in the base package.
    7. 1) No. 2) the Mobile Apps can get push notifications. 3) The Link content type does this. It doesn't happen on copy and paste because many don't want this behavior. 4) the software doesn't support live streaming.
    The Mobile Suite is comprised of two white label apps that contains your logo and colors, connects to your specific forums, and allows push notifications if you have enabled that.

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  • iRodi
    started a topic Several questions before purchase

    Several questions before purchase

    Hello team 😎,

    I'm looking for forum community platform which can provide and give me everything in one platform:
    1. Fully support RTL languages (Hebrew)
    2. Modern style look - minimal look and modern
    3. Easy managing uploaded files - sorting by name, date etc and filtering
    4. Make labels for every site member and make custom year experience for every member and show them under the avatar image, for example: Username1 has 3 years experience, label: Dev-Ops
    5. Ability to obtain information (username, email, passwords, images) from external sites for the purpose of registering the user via API (external site could be WIX, shopify, wordpress, magento2 and etc)
    6. My customized app (android and iOS, that fully support vBulletin forums) that can manage, edit, write, comment, receive notifications and etc.. - the app should be native APP and not some web customized app that's looks like app.
    7. Facebook group like experience:
    1. Comments and new topics update - without do refresh to the page to get new comment or new post.
    2. Get mobile notifications for new post or new comments
    3. Get basic information when copy/paste some links - the basic information: title, sub-title, image
    4. Get the option to receive/make live facebook, youtube live, Zoom and etc..

    I saw that you selling the cloud and connect packages with mobile app, Can you please explain to me if one of them meets my needs? Is a mobile package this is my app that is defined as a "White Label" that i can call it with my name and with my logo name?
    Sorry, but i'm asking all of these question because there is no documentation or explanation on the net or in your website.

    P.s. I prefer cloud option but the question is if it flexible to changes

    Best Regards,

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  • a100
    by a100
    I am not posting this in Mobile forum on purpose as it is not much active.

    First impressions from Android app:

    On a 4.5" screen the Create an account link and Connect using...
    Sat 4 Jan '20, 9:19pm