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  • Vb5 connect and Mobiles

    Hi. I am presently running V4.2.2. Patch Level 6. There is a default mobile available with this but it is not very workable. I am considering upgrading to 5 connect. The question is, does 5 Connect have a good mobile experience where you can upload images and/or camera images on the fly or is it necessary to purchase the mobile suite too?
    I suppose what I'm saying is that I would like as near as possible a Facebook like experience.

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    Load this site on your mobile device.

    All of vBulletin 5's themes are Mobile Responsive. They will conform to the size of the device and include all features. This includes uploading images and using Emoji from from mobile devices. I don't know if that gets your "Facebook Experience" or not.

    The mobile suite allows you to advertise your site on the Google Play and Apple App Store sites and provide your users with Push Notifications.
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    Wayne Luke
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