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Update/move/clean old VB install

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  • Update/move/clean old VB install

    We are moving our forum to a new host.
    And while doing that we plan to update to Vb5 and try to clean out our database.
    Today we have Vb CMS but will not use that anymore so we would like to clean that out from the database.

    Whats the best way to do this? The update to Vb5 will most likely happend later this year but the move clean has to happend now.

    /Martin Saldert

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    Move the database.
    Upload the vBulletin 5 files.
    Run the Upgrade.php file.

    The instructions are in the vb5readme.html file. The upgrade system will migrate the data necessary for vBulletin 5 and clean out any old unnecessary default tables. That is all you need to do. If you have custom tables, you can manually delete them. Or leave them since they shouldn't cause any problems or really use any active resources.

    Other than that, you should not delete any vBulletin tables. It is all interconnected.
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    Wayne Luke
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