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  • Looking to upgrade, but questions...

    I have used VB extensively in the past. I own two licenses and am looking to upgrade one of them.

    However, I have been out of the game for quite some time. My forums will need a method to display ads in the form of banners (header and footer), and also square ads in the right column. Also, if VB can't handle it, an ad serving script for use with the board.

    Designers or coders reading this, feel free to reach out to me.
    I'm currently using 3.6.4.

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    You can accomplish the ads with the default vBulletin 5 software.

    Support will have to speak on upgrading your licenses.


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      vBulletin Connect (version 5+) has a number of features to allow you to display ads. You an add your own advertising to a page using Ad Modules within the Site Builder functionality of the site. You can place these above the content, after content, in content, and in side columns. However, vBulletin doesn't manage ads. That is if you need to randomize ads, show for a certain number of impressions, track clicks, etc... then you will need to use your Ad Management software.

      Licenses can be upgraded on the Purchase Page.
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        Thanks very much for the information.
        I'm currently using 3.6.4.


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