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  • Poss move to cloud

    Okay im been considering a move to either connect or cloud for the last 12mths but I have some questions.

    1. I use already cloudflare so I presume I would have to remove my domain from it before it can be added to the vbCloud.
    2. Bandwidth the devil is in the detail so my server says im doing 10GB+ ish every month cloudflare is saying 50gb - Who's bandwidth are measuring the eventual served or including all refused traffic.
    3. What is the process for moving a forum over from 4.2 version with various mods and 25gb of space used. ?
    4. Ads now I have tweaked templates and serve my own ads in the main forum and on the front how does this work ?
    5. Does is look or behave any differently from the connect version. ?
    6. How easy is it swap out of if I decided to change my mind after 6mths and go back to hosting locally ?

    There are most likely other questions these just come to the forefront at the moment having been with VB for what seems well over a decade version 3. something atleast this will be a big move for us in a world that in my view moved away from forums and become obsessed with FB etc. The only advantage to forums is the central cohesion a bigger community and depth of knowledge still held within.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I run both vb4 and vb5 forums. What keeps me from moving to vbulletin's cloud is that I run modifications on all my forums, including a chat box embedded right on the front page. vbulletin cloud hosting will not support any mods.


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      I was hoping for some answers I'm happy to consider loosing the mods but I need to retain the advert controls within reason. Any answers would be helpful the details of the packages are not very clear imo if your moving from an existing setup.


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        1. All you need to do is point a CNAME redirect to the URL that you use for your forums. It won't affect any other part of the domain or using Cloudflare.
        2. Traffic is traffic. Even refused traffic uses some bandwidth.
        3. You would provide a backup of your database and attachments. We move them to the server and run the migration processs.
        4. vBulletin 5 supports Ad Modules and Locations throughout the software. You put your own custom HTML or Javascript to run ads. You can place Ad Modules wherever modules are allowed.
        5. No. The only real difference is that you do not have access to modify templates. You can control look and layout via CSS, Modules, and the use of Template Hooks that can be used to display your own custom HTML. However, custom templates do not support the use of vBulletin Tags like <vb:if>.
        6. You can request a backup of your site in the Member's Area. The backup will be created with database, attachments, and avatars. You'll be provided temporary access to FTP where you can download the backup.

        Translations provided by Google.

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          Originally posted by stuartn View Post
          I was hoping for some answers I'm happy to consider loosing the mods but I need to retain the advert controls within reason. Any answers would be helpful the details of the packages are not very clear imo if your moving from an existing setup.
          There are four different Cloud levels. The standard levels are 25GB, 75GB, and 200GB per month. These are the Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages. There is also an Enterprise package for higher usage customers. You would need to Contact [email protected] for more information on a customized solution.

          Cloud servers utilize URLs and IP addresses specific to their servers so you would have to redirect your hosting there instead of through CloudFlare. Whether or not anyone has ever tried to use CloudFlare in addition to Cloud hosting is beyond my knowledge. I would assume it's not necessary.

          You would upgrade to version 4.2.5 first if you have not already done so and then (obiously) backup your entire database and files using SSH or CLI.

          You want to uninstall any vBulletin 4 modifications as they will not work with vBulletin 5.

          There are some things that cannot be accessed directly on the Cloud platform but sometime a vBulletin staff member can accommodate those issues. Ads on vBulletin 5 go in either Ad Modules or in Static HTML modules. They could even go in PHP modules if necessary.

          Unless you're an administrator there's no easy way to tell the differences between self-hosted vBulletin 5 and Cloud. Cloud has a better search which includes similar topics.

          Swapping back is as simple as moving your database backup and files to a new server. Again, anything the size of your site should be backed up using SSL or CLI from the command line.

          Staff will fill in anything I may have missed here.


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