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VB5x and Connecting with Facebook

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  • VB5x and Connecting with Facebook

    OK, I've been running a VB4 site since 2010 for a small niche hobby. It's been going well but in recent years we've been losing users to Facebook. Perenial story. So much so that we're now closing the site and have opened our own Facebook group. Voila, just like that all our old users pop up. They hadn't gone away they'd just gotten too lazy to surf over to us when so much is already at their fingertips on FB. Personally I absolutely loathe FB and I especially loath the bloody like button. A like is a lazy person's way of throwing you a bone rather than engage with you properly. In real life the things we like are the things we don't really care about. I love my wife, I love my children, I love my house, I love my dog, I love my car and I love my hobby. To say that I like something is the same as saying "Meh, it's there and I acknolwedge it's there!" The other thing I hate about FB is the inability to find anything after it's disappeared from the top of the page. I hate Mark Zuckerberg, I hate his bloody bland style of dress and I hate his bloody bland Social media platform. All that said, I am stuck with it and all I can do is try to make it work for me. So to that end perhaps one of you good people could clue me into a few things about the VB5 platform.

    I've been playing with FB for a few months now and think I understand how it ought to work with VB and what I'd like to know if these ideas have already been considered and implemented in VB5 (I'm sure they have) and, if they have, how they work in practice.

    First thing that would be require is someway of conencting users in the VB database to their logins on FB and their membership of an FB Group. I think something like this was implemented in VB4x but as we never used it I'm unsure how it worked in practice and how it has improved in VB5?

    The second thing that I think is required is the seamless promotion of posts from VB to FB Group and from FB Group to VB. By seamless I mean that not only would the original post be mirrored on both sites but that any comments made on either platform would also be mirrored. I accept that there would be a processing cost to this, especially if done in real time, which would have an impact on those small sites with broadband concerns, so it would have to be an option rather than a default. Is there soemthing like this in VB5?

    Third there would also be a secondary service for promoting posts on VB to a FB page (as distinct from a FB Group). Something similar to how VB threads were promoted to the CMS? I see the FB page as promoting the VB platform rather than promoting the FB Group. I always assumed that this may have been how the VB4x FB interaction happened, is that the case? if it was not the case then, is there something like this in VB5?

    In terms of the great Photobucket black out what steps have been taken in VB5 to provide a photo-import option. Over on Vborg BirdOprey was offering a great addon that allowed the grabbing of pics hosted on other platforms, and importing them into a storage area on the VB website. The Add-on worked by specifying certain sub-forum to be designated as 'import forum's' and anything posted to these particular forums automatically had the photos imported to a local storage area. We used this to great effect by setting up 'Archive' sub-forums that could not be seen on the main forum page. They were accessed by an option on the menu bar and they were read-only. Any thread that the admins thought was worthy of saving was, when it had run its course, moved to the relevant archive forum, locked and it's attached photos were then automatically imported to the local storage area. We'd been doing this for a while before the great Photbucket debacle so that when that did happen we lost no photographs attached to threads in our archives area. It still remains as a great reference area.

    I'm sure I'll have a ton more questions to ask as I get to grips more with FB but for the time bein, any feedback on these points would be most welcome.

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    I think what you were describing for VB4 was the short lived "Facebook App." Unfortunately due to Facebook restrictions I don't believe it's legally possible to create the system you want where posts are mirrored on a VB forum and a Facebook group. Also, beyond the basic Facebook login integration, I would not expect to see any further integration of VB and Facebook. It would require more development time than available to keep up with all Facebook's constant changes.

    vBulletin is not going to be the system you want for those needs, I'm not sure anyone makes what you want.


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      Interesting replies guys, thanks very much for taking the time to post those. As I say, I'm new to FB and still feeling my way with it and it does bother me as to just how dominant it has become.How do we fight that dominance though and prevent small forums from haemorrhaging uses to FB.

      Perhaps the answer isn't to connect to FB but to create an eco system where PHP based forums, like VB, can connect to each and do similar things, as outlined above, and in this way bring a connectivity that simply eludes the basic numptiness of FB.


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