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Cloud Bandwidth devoured by bots? How much work to defend a cloud forum from bots?

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  • Cloud Bandwidth devoured by bots? How much work to defend a cloud forum from bots?


    I'm a member of a forum that currently runs on vB 4.2.2 ( ). The owner is going to pull the plug if no one steps up and takes over the rudder. I'm contemplating being that person.

    I've suggested a move to the cloud solution to relieve the work of keeping the host and forum engine up to date, but the owner feels all the local images stored on the forum will get fetched by the thousands of bots scanning the forum, giving very high bandwidth usage despite very few active members. The forum is open to read for any lurkers and that's the way I would like to keep it.

    His current hosting plan has no bandwidth caps, so I'm not sure if he has access to any information on how much bandwidth the forum generates today.

    Is this a concern with the cloud plans? I.e. bots generating far more bandwidth than actual users? I've noticed that images seems to be stored in very high res, is it possible to shrink these down automatically in retrospect? Perhaps in the move to cloud? In the worst case, can images be restricted so only members can see them, but the text in the posts remain open to public?

    He's also said there are lot's and lot's of spam-bots registering as users needing clean up. I'm hoping Cloud has better filtering against this problem than vB 4.2.2. Perhaps a possibility to use reCaptcha v3?

    How much work is it to administrate a vB Cloud forum in defence of spam-bots, hackers and script kiddies? Real users I already know the workload of, having been an forum admin in the past, but never the hosting superadmin.

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    Hosts offering unlimited bandwidth rarely provide unlimited bandwidth. They will monitor this and if it becomes a problem for the server and/or network, they will pressure you into moving the site to more expensive offerings.

    With vBulletin 4.2.X, you can control the size of images, resize images, and restrict them to registered users. These features carry over to vBulletin 5 and vBulletin cloud. With vBulletin 5, you can go back and resize old images behind the scenes.

    vBulletin 5 allows the use of Recaptcha V2. The only difference between V2 and V3 is that V2 always requires user interaction.

    While, we can't always control bad actors when it comes to bots, if a bot becomes a problem for the cloud platform then it can be banned at the server level. For bots that follow proper behavior, we have implemented features that slow them down on Cloud.

    With vBulletin Cloud, you don't administrate the server. We manage the server. We manage the files, secure the database, perform all upgrades. All you need to do is manage your vBulletin community. vBulletin Cloud is stored in our own private data center. It is permanently staffed and monitored. If there is an issue with bandwidth or resources, we work with our customers to resolve it.

    The site in question isn't very large so I don't think it would have a problem with the bandwidth. We have sites with over 5 million posts on vBulletin Cloud and they are able to easily stay within their bandwidth limits.
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      Thanks, I felt it a bit strange if bot traffic would be a real problem, since you have a business going etc.. I'll return if I have more questions.


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