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    With regard to VBulletin cloud.

    How would one set up the homepage if we wish to only allow private messaging between members only? No public forums of any kind.

    Thank you.

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    So no forums or do you mean private forums only members can view
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      You would set them up the same way I have mine set up by denying all forum permissions to unregistered guests and allowing permissions to different registered usergroups based upon whatever criteria you determine. On the Homepage (which you can create yourself as a custom page) you would either remove all modules or make them only visible to registered usergroups of your choice via the SiteBuilder permissions for each respective module..


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        For the Forum, Articles, Blogs, and Groups channels remove permissions from the Banned User, Guest User, Users Awaiting Email Confirmation, and Users Awaiting Moderation user groups. Edit these groups for these channels and click "All No." You can do this under Channel Management -> Channel Permissions.

        On the home page, click Edit Page. Edit each module and set the viewing permissions so these usergroups cannot view the modules. Next add a "Template Display Module" and tell it to display the login_form template. Set this module's viewing permissions so only the Guest User group can see. You might use a static HTML module to display some sort of notification that displays to all the usergroups above. This could explain how your site works and give any further instructions.
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