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    I use joomla as my main CMS platform and I like to use vBulletin as my forum.
    I have a customized user registration and user login form on my Joomla site which I designed using a third party component (chronoforms).
    I need to know if I can integrate my site with vBulletin easily or it is going to be very complicated.
    I know how to save user's information to multiple databases during registration and also how to update their information in their profiles during profile edit. That way user's profile will be in sync in both databases. I'm planning to use the same host/server for both platforms.
    My question is, how can I set up the user login page so that when my users log in to Joomla, they automatically log in to vBulletin too and also the logout process? Is this authentication something that can be done easily or has anyone done it before?
    Is there anything else that I need to figure out for this integration to work smoothly before I buy vBulletin?
    Thank you in advance.

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    It's possible but for most people without coding experience it would be considered complicated, yes. You would need a custom coded solution that integrates with the VB5 API. Unfortunately we do not provide nor support such custom integration. You would need to find a 3rd party or do it yourself.

    If you choose this route this blog and this link will be of help-
    Example API Login -
    VB5 API Documentation -


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      great. thank you for your help


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        this is very useful information. Thank you. are there any similar instructions on how to create (register) a user account using another application?


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          The login example is the only one I am aware of.


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              The Pre-Sales channel isn't really the place to ask implementation question.
              Translations provided by Google.

              Wayne Luke
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              vBulletin 5 API - Full / Mobile
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                I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was in the pre-sale channel.


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