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  • upgrading question?

    Hi when i bought vb4 it came with lifetime of upgrades, i would like to upgrade to vb5 but would like to make sure that vb6 is not around the corner making me stuck with an outdated forum again, so my question is... is there a vb6 planned in the next year?

    question 2 does vb5 come with a mobile template built in that auto switches depending on what device is browsing the forum or does that only apply if you buy the mobile addon only or is that just an app file to make our own app?

    hope my 2 questions make sense

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    There is no vB6 in planning at the moment, but I have no idea when or if that will change.

    vB5 uses a ‘responsive style’ which means it displays content in a manner appropriate to the screen size. It is all one style however.

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      Cheers for the reply Mark sound like a much better setup for mobiles than v4 and i'm lonnnnnnngggg over due an upgrade


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        The responsive display for vBulletin 5 is much better than vBulletin 4's Mobile Style. You don't lose user functionality with the Responsive Style. However, we're better able to adapt that functionality to the various screen sizes of mobile devices at the same time. Some things don't work like Site Builder but that is due to the drag and drop nature of the feature.
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          Thanks Wayne


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